High Standards and Cutting Edge Technology

Rozema Boat Works builds customized vessels designed to meet clients’ specific needs, with careful attention paid during each phase of the construction process. The factory is not a mass-production facility, but is instead geared toward providing individualized service and premium quality craftsmanship for each project.

In keeping with family tradition, our tradesmen are highly skilled with decades of experience in the industry. We regularly take on complex projects and strive to deliver boats on time, within budget, and built to high standards. Not surprisingly, we have many repeat customers.

In order to ensure that high standards are maintained throughout the building process, we handle as many components of a project in-house as possible.

The Rozema Boat Works factory includes a 14,000-square-foot facility with on-site launching capabilities. The factory is equipped with a 400-ton x 14’ break press, a 12’ x 1/2” capacity shear, plasma cutting equipment, 20 MIG welding machines, 4 TIG machines, a full machine shop, and 3 overhead cranes. The factory is also equipped with in-floor radiant heat to provide a consistent fabrication environment.

We are concerned about our facility’s environmental impact and build all of our boats in contained indoor workspaces. There is very little painting or blasting that takes place outside. As a manufacturer of aluminum boats, nearly all of our byproducts are recyclable.