Yachts & Sport Boats

As with all of our boat designs, we pay close attention to the details in our yachts and sports boats. These vessels are custom-engineered and built to exact specifications to meet our customers’ unique needs. We combine safety and durability with luxurious finishes and high-quality joinery. For a tough, seaworthy yacht without sacrificing amenities, look no further.

55’ Pilot House
Length 55'
Beam Over All 17'
Draft 5'
Fuel Capacity 1200 USG
Horse Power 1160 hp
Top Speed 20 knots
47’ Pilot House
Length 50'
Beam Over All 16'
Draft 5'
Fuel Capacity 1000 USG
Horse Power 660 hp
Top Speed 14 knots
40’ Troller
Length 40'
Beam Over All 14'
Draft 5'
Fuel Capacity 400 USG
Horse Power 450 hp
Top Speed 13 knots
37’ Sport Boat -  EPIC
Length 37'
Beam Over All 12'
Fuel Capacity 350 U.S. Gallons
Horse Power 900 (3 Suzuki 300hp outboards)
Top Speed 42 knots